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  • Kate Symons


Updated: Jul 29, 2021

When it comes to creating content, nothing is more powerful or more memorable than good storytelling. Brand storytelling has the power to engage your audience, hold their attention and influence their thinking, and neuroscience backs this up.

Storytelling is known to increase levels of oxytocin – colloquially known as the love hormone – in the brain which, in turn, causes empathy and cooperation in the audience.[1]

Just like the fictional stories you might consume via the paperback on your bedside table or the binge-worthy Netflix series, brand storytelling revolves around an engaging narrative that elicits a meaningful connection with the audience. According to Fast Company, 92 per cent of consumers would prefer media messages to sound like a story [2], but it’s not just a nice-to-have for your audience. A well-crafted brand story will convert for you, too, boosting visibility, profit and impact. In fact, studies suggest storytelling can increase conversion rates by 30 per cent. [3]

At Reeton Media, we know a good story when we see one and we tell a good story when we find one. We also happen to know how to find one. Here are a few tips for those ready to tell their brand story:

· Consider your company history, vision, values and mission. Reflect on successes, as well as challenges. Your brand is the story’s protagonist.

· Establish your tone of voice and be consistent across all messaging. Don’t be afraid to show your personality.

· Find a hook. Introduce the best elements of your story early. Save the best until last and you might lose your audience.

· Focus on elements that will likely inspire, entertain, amuse and engage your target audience. Relatable stories are particularly powerful.

· Brand storytelling doesn’t have to forego important facts, stats and testimonials. Instead, weave them throughout the narrative and find creative ways to showcase key information.

· Consider all relevant platforms and mediums, and the most engaging ways to present your story. This will often be different across different platforms.

· Be authentic. It is the best way to build loyalty.


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