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From headlines to call-to-actions, every word matters when it comes to copywriting. One often overlooked aspect of copywriting is tone and voice. However, they are crucial elements of effective copywriting. By using the right tone and voice, you can establish a strong brand identity, connect with readers on an emotional level, and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Tone and voice refer to the overall personality and style of a piece of writing. Get the tone and voice wrong and you can easily put off your target audience.

Why is tone and voice so important?

First and foremost, tone and voice can make or break your message. Think about the last time you received an email or read an article that rubbed you the wrong way. Maybe the tone was overly formal, or the voice was condescending. Whatever the reason, the wrong tone and voice can turn off readers and lead them to tune out your message.

On the other hand, the right tone and voice can help build a connection with readers and make them more likely to take action. For example, a humorous tone might be appropriate for a sportswear brand, while a more serious tone might be better suited for a legal firm.

Tone and voice also play a crucial role in branding. Your brand's tone and voice should be consistent across all marketing materials – everything from your website to your social media accounts. This consistency helps establish your brand’s personality and makes it easier for consumers to recognise and identify with your brand.

For example, consider the difference between Nike and IBM. Nike’s tone and voice are upbeat, inspiring, and motivational. Their messaging is geared towards athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to push themselves to the limit. IBM, on the other hand, is more formal, technical, and geared towards businesses and IT professionals.

By establishing a clear and consistent tone and voice, you can help build a strong brand identity and attract the right audience.

Tone and voice can also impact the emotional response of your readers. For example, if you’re selling a luxury product, you might want to use a more sophisticated and refined tone and voice to create a sense of exclusivity and prestige. If you’re selling a product that solves a common problem, a more friendly and approachable tone might be more effective.

Studies have shown that emotional responses can impact consumer behaviour. In fact, according to a study by Forrester, companies that deliver a better emotional experience to their customers see higher customer loyalty and increased revenue. By using the right tone and voice in your copywriting, you can create an emotional connection with readers and increase the likelihood that they will take action.

Finally, tone and voice can help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. In today’s digital age, consumers are bombarded with marketing messages from all directions – and our time and capacity to absorb messages is limited. By using a unique tone and voice, you can set yourself apart from competitors and capture the attention of your target audience.

Consider the brand Go-To Skincare by Zoe Foster-Blake. Go-To Skincare is known for their quirky and humorous tone and voice, which has helped them build a loyal following and stand out in a crowded beauty market. Everything from the names of the products (such as Exfoliating Swipeys and Very Useful Face Cream) to the fine print on packaging and their social media posts have an incredibly clever and consistent tone of voice.

By using a tone and voice that is distinct and memorable, you can create a lasting impression on your audience and make it more likely that they will remember your brand.

How does your tone and voice impact the overall message you’re trying to convey? Contact us on (02) 9825 9600 today.

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