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Updated: May 30, 2022

Reeton Media Managing Director Sheree Barrett-Lennard (née Mutton) will reveal how to build a content marketing strategy that will elevate brand awareness, connect with your target audience and establish credibility.

Whether you want to lift website traffic to drive online sales, increase social media engagement for brand awareness or boost your number of email subscribers, it’s so important to distribute high-quality content that is on-brand, valuable and relevant to your audience. Without a deep understanding of the type of content your customers or clients want to see, your content marketing plan is likely to fail, and your time and money will go to waste.

A content marketing strategy is imperative to the success of your business or brand. It must align with your company’s goals and mission, and be informative, entertaining and engaging. Ultimately, the end objective is to connect with your target audience to drive profitable customer action.

In this masterclass, Reeton Media Managing Director, Sheree Barrett-Lennard (née Mutton), will show you how to build a content marketing strategy that will elevate brand awareness, connect with your target audience and establish credibility. She will look at the different content channels (think eDMs, social media, blog posts and videos), and reveal the best ways to distribute, share and promote your content whatever your business or budget.

You’ll leave this masterclass with:

  • Practical tools to help you build a solid, authentic relationship with your target audience through various content platforms

  • A better understanding of the art of storytelling

  • Knowledge on how to create the right mix of content to attract, engage and convert your audience into regular customers or clients

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